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Base damage
Another interesting tidbit: If this Pokémon senses danger, it will fight without awakening. Up for a Trainer Battle, %PLAYERNAME%?
Evolve a Dark-type Pokémon
Mega Evolve a Beedrill
CP at level 40
Catch {0} Porygon
Catch {0} Porygon2
Evolve {0} Porygon
Your worst
Evolve {0} Porygon2
Your best
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader {0} times
Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! I hope you and your fellow Trainers have been taking care of yourselves. Remember to take a break every now and then to do something you really enjoy! I like to go on short walks, myself.
In fact, I was out for a stroll with my Buddy Pokémon earlier when I heard a strange crackling sound.
Upon further inspection, I realized it was a large group of Charmander gathered in an open field! The source of the noise was the soft crackling of their tail flames.
Seeing so many Charmander at once was highly unusual, though this wasn’t the first time I’ve witnessed such a gathering...
Catch chance
Well, whatever the reason, this is the perfect chance to learn more about Charmander!
Pokémon Manager
Would you mind giving me a hand by catching some, Trainer?
Wonderful work, Trainer.
While you were out in the field, I looked through some research focused on Charmander and its Evolutionary line and came away with some interesting information.
For starters, Charmander is also known as the Lizard Pokémon and seems to be fond of hot things. You can tell how a Charmander is feeling by looking at the flame burning at the tip of its tail. What a fascinating Pokémon!
Hmmm... Perhaps those Charmander I ran into while walking were gathered to enjoy the sun? We may be able to learn more by evolving one.
Charmander’s evolved form is Charmeleon—but be careful when evolving Charmander! Charmeleon is known for its fiery temper!
That’s a fine Charmeleon you’ve got with you, %PLAYERNAME%!
Known as the Flame Pokémon, Charmeleon is hotheaded by nature and is constantly seeking out worthy opponents for battle.
When it finally encounters a worthy foe, it becomes so excited that the flame at the tip of its tail flares up and turns a bluish-white color.
The easiest way to calm a Charmeleon down is by winning a battle. That sure sounds like a certain team leader I know!
Now, did you know Charmeleon can evolve? Not only that, but its evolved form, Charizard, is also known as the Flame Pokémon! Come back and see me once you’ve evolved your Charmeleon.
Congrats, Trainer! Your Charmeleon has now become the Flame Pokémon Charizard!
Charizard is a truly amazing Pokémon. Its wings can carry it close to an altitude of 4,600 feet, and its fiery breath packs such great heat that it can melt almost anything!
While all that raw power seems intimidating, Charizard never turns its flames on any opponent weaker than itself.
What a superb display of control! It’s amazing to see how this Pokémon chooses to take on only the mightiest of opponents!
They say the key to a successful partnership is a powerful bond, Trainer, so why not celebrate by spending a little time with your new Charizard?
I can see you’re really putting an effort into strengthening the bond between you and your Pokémon, %PLAYERNAME%. Did you know that that bond can become a source of power for certain Pokémon? That’s right—I’m talking about Mega Evolution!
Mega Evolution is the result of a strong connection between a Pokémon and its Trainer. Charizard is unique not only because it can Mega Evolve but also because it has two different Mega-Evolved forms!
Its two Mega Evolutions, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, each come with their own strengths.
It’s said that the overwhelming power dwelling within Mega Charizard X is so intense that it turns its body black and causes blue flames to spill from its mouth.
Other research suggests that Mega Charizard Y uses its bond with its Trainer as the source of its power, resulting in speed and maneuverability greater than that of a fighter jet’s.
Simply amazing! I can’t wait to see how Trainers use these Mega Evolutions in their Gym battle strategies!
Thanks again for your help, %PLAYERNAME%. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have more exciting research to share!
BOO! Haha, hey there, %PLAYERNAME%!
I find it offensive
Hope I didn’t scare you too much, I was just having a bit of fun during this spooky season.
It refers to a political candidate or issue
Say, since you’re here, I was wondering if you could help me. I’ve heard some reports of an unusual Pokémon appearing in a nearby forest.
It’s a scam or misleading
Ah—why aren’t I just going into the dark forest myself to find this Pokémon? Scared? No! Not at all!
It’s sexually inappropriate
Y-you see, I would, but I’m busy here with some...um...research! Yes!
It’s spam
Oh! I think I see Blanche over there near my lab and it looks like they need my help with evolving some Ghost-type Pokémon.
All Pokémon moves
It’s violent or prohibited
Could you go on ahead and let me know what you find, %PLAYERNAME%? Thanks and good luck!
Thank you for your contribution! Your feedback has been submitted for review.
Ah, Blanche, do you really think it's Galarian form will be able to evolve— oh, glad to see you again %PLAYERNAME%—AH!
Thank you for your contribution!
What’s that sound?! Oh, it’s just a Yamask, looks like it’s looking at its mask and crying again.
I want more from this category
This was what you found in the forest? Ah, I see. Sorry, Trainer but it looks like you’re going to have to venture back into the woods for me.
I want more Sponsored Gifts in general
After cross-referencing eyewitness reports with some texts I found about Ghost-type Pokémon, turns out we are not looking for this particular Yamask, which was discovered in the Unova region—but another one entirely!
This other one hails from the Galar region and looks almost like stone, not a mask. Sources say the slab absorbs the Yamask's dark power. It appears Galarian Yamask might be a bit different than its Unovan counterpart.
I want more from this advertiser
Unfortunately, I can’t come along with you this time either...uh...looks like Spark needs my help with some Strange Eggs he’s trying to hatch! See ya later and good luck!
We care about your Pokémon GO experience and appreciate your feedback. <b><a href="https://www.nianticlabs.com">Learn more</a></b>.
Yup, these Strange Eggs still seem to be hatching mostly Poison- and Dark-type Pokémon. This was an incredible use of time, I’m glad we got to confirm what we’ve already known—oh!
Tell Us About This Ad
Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%, how are—EGAD! A Spiritomb! What a tricky Ghost-type Pokémon.
Not Interested in This Ad
I have worked with some Trainers to complete research on Spiritomb in previous years, you might’ve encountered and caught one before!
All movesets (including old)
Report This Ad
There seems to be a few more of them around than we've seen before, which is quite frightening given they’re quite mischievous and literally 108 spirits in one Pokémon, bound to a keystone to keep it in check.
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One can say that it’s bound to be a real spooky season this year! Haha, sorry Spiritomb—too soon?
It’s not relevant to me
Anyway, sorry to do this to you again Trainer, but third times the charm, no? I’m sure this time will surely procure you an encounter with the illusive and elusive Galarian Yamask!
I see it too often
I gotta go help Candela prep for the an upcoming Trainer Battle, but you go on ahead! Good luck, %PLAYERNAME%!
Please explain in less than 300 characters.
Poison-, Ghost-, Bug-, Dark-, and Fairy-type Pokémon—looks like you’re all set for your spooky Trainer Battle, Candela!
Oh, hi there %PLAYERNAME%! And hello Galarian Yamask! What a curious Pokémon this is. It definitely gives off a totally different energy than it’s Unovan form.
Get Directions
I don’t know if you recall from earlier, but I was looking into evolving Pokémon with Blanche and it appears that Galarian Yamask is able to evolve into Runerigus!
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Trainers can help build 3D maps of the locations of their favorite PokéStops and Gyms by walking around public places and taking a series of pictures with their mobile devices. We can use data collected this way to continue to develop and refine AR features for Pokémon GO.
All you need is to collect some Yamask Candy and get to evolving! It evolves into a totally different Pokémon than its Unovan form, so this will be a very exciting addition to your Pokédex, I’m certain of it!
There are currently no comments.
Visit this PokéStop to scan it.
Anyway, I’m so glad we got to go on this spooky adventure and discover a new Pokémon together!
Evolution calculator
Failed to assign tags.
Hope you had a ghoulish good time and hope you have an extra spoOoOoOoOoOoky day!
Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! I think I’ve got an exciting adventure for you. I’ve been working on something...BIG.
The Seasons Change: Part 1
Recently, we observed a large number of Weedle appearing in the wild. I wanted to investigate that phenomenon further.
Search for a Pokémon, e.g. :Pokemon
The Seasons Change: Part 2
After a day of research, I saw something sparkling in the tall grass near where the Weedle were gathering.
It turned out to be a smooth, stonelike object with a symbol etched into it. It glowed with an energy I’ve never encountered before!
Critital hit chance
Longchamp Backpack
I’d seen that symbol before in documents about Mega Evolution that I received from my colleague in Kalos, Professor Sycamore. That led me to believe that the object was somehow related.
Crown Tundra Bag
After digging further into the documents, I theorized that Pokémon can Mega Evolve using the energy from the object I found, which I named Mega Energy.
Ultra Moon Bag
It also occurred to me that the object I found might be related to Weedle.
Damage window
Banette Mask
Now that I’ve caught you up on my BIG discovery, let’s get started on some research. We’ll need a Weedle—I think that Pokémon has mega potential!
A ranked list of all Pokémon moves and their Damage Per Second. All moves display what damage they do, but do not say how long the move takes. To find out how powerful a move is, the damage per second (DPS) is an accurate way of comparing and finding out which Pokémon move does the most damage.
Simple Mask
Great work, %PLAYERNAME%! Let’s document our findings for other Trainers.
Pikachu Mask
Now, Weedle can’t Mega Evolve, but its final Evolution, Beedrill, can.
Main move
Sableye Mask
My theory is that there is Mega Energy for different Pokémon and that each Pokémon needs a certain amount of Mega Energy to Mega Evolve.
Main moves
Verizon Mask
It also seems that Mega-Evolved Pokémon return to normal once their Mega Energy is depleted.
Arlo-Style Glasses
It may be difficult to gather the Mega Energy needed to Mega Evolve a Pokémon for the first time. However, it seems that once a Pokémon has Mega Evolved, it requires less Mega Energy to do so again.
Move duration
Crown Tundra Gloves
Maybe it’s because Mega Evolution strengthens a Trainer’s bond with their Pokémon.
List of Pokémon with this move
Sableye Goggles
Let’s continue this investigation. How about you evolve your Weedle to its final Evolution and see whether you can find enough Mega Energy to Mega Evolve your new Beedrill.
Quick move
Crown Tundra Helmet
Again, you never cease to amaze me, %PLAYERNAME%. I think you and Beedrill are going to be great partners.
Quick moves
Yamask Top Hat
I’ve learned that some other Pokémon can Mega Evolve, too.
Pokémon highlighted in green benefit from <a href=":link">Same Type Attack Bonus</a>.
Gengar Onesie
While I’ve been able to confirm only a few, I’m sure we’ll discover more in time. At this point, you should be able to Mega Evolve your Beedrill, if you’re ready.
Arlo-Style Outfit
Now, I’m sure you are going to ask, “Professor Willow, how do I get Mega Energy for other Pokémon?”
Strong vs.
Cliff-Style Outfit
Well, don’t worry, Trainer. Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise are appearing in Mega Raids all around the world. It appears you can get Mega Energy by challenging those Mega-Evolved Pokémon.
A list of the best Pokémon moves
Sierra-Style Outfit
Why don’t you Mega Evolve your Beedrill and battle with it in Mega Raids? There seem to be benefits to battling in raids alongside Mega-Evolved Pokémon for both you and your fellow Trainers.
Weak vs.
Catch chance for :pokemon
Crown Tundra Uniform
I’m curious to see what effect Mega-Evolved Pokémon have on other Pokémon when they battle together. Why don’t you give it a try!
Pokémon level
Crown Tundra Boots
I dare say, this was a successful research project! It looks like you were able to acquire some Mega Energy by battling those Mega-Evolved Pokémon.
The Attack base stat governs how powerful the Pokémon's moves are - the Pokémon higher up on the list with higher attack values will do more damage. The highest Pokémon on this list will be the best for attacking gyms.
Catch chance calculator
I’ve documented that you and your Mega-Evolved Pokémon can do many other things together, too.
A list of Pokémon with the highest Attack strength - Pokémon Go
I hope to see you and your Mega-Evolved Pokémon battling at Gyms, challenging other Trainers, combating Team GO Rocket, and, of course, taking some snapshots to send back to yours truly.
These are the strongest Pokémon based on the attack stat.
Mega-Evolved Pokémon are extremely powerful, so I think it’s best that we don’t bring our new friends into the GO Battle League just yet, at least until more research is done.
Normal throw
Longchamp Backpack
I wanted to give you a token of my appreciation for all your hard work on this project—a Mega Bracelet!
Base Attack
Crown Tundra Bag
In other regions, Trainers use Mega Bracelets to help their Pokémon Mega Evolve. Based on my research into Mega Energy, it seems you won’t need a Mega Bracelet to Mega Evolve your Pokémon.
Base Defense
Most vulnerable to :pokemon
Ultra Sun Bag
However, I thought a Mega Bracelet would be a trendy way to show off your Mega Evolution skills.
Base Stamina
These are the Pokémon most vulnerable to the above moveset.
Banette Mask
You can check it out when you want to change up your look. I hope you accept this gift with my sincerest thanks for a job well done.
Base stats
Effective damage
Simple Mask
Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! It’s great to see you again! I’m always grateful to have a helping hand with my research.
Best moveset
These are the Pokémon and their moves that do the most damage to :pokemon.
Pikachu Mask
Speaking of research, have you heard of Porygon, the Virtual Pokémon?
All counter Pokémon
Flee chance
Sableye Mask
Well, I’m not entirely sure why, but Porygon have been appearing more frequently in the area as of late!
Combat Power is a combination of the Attack, Defense, and Stamina of Pokémon. Different Pokémon all have varying base stats and Pokémon with higher CP points have greater multiples of the base stats. This means that at the same CP levels, the Pokémon with the higher base stats will be more powerful.
Verizon Mask
I’d like to take this opportunity to learn more about this odd Pokémon. How about it, Trainer? Will you go out and catch some Porygon for me?
The most powerful Pokémon based on CP
Arlo-Style Glasses
Fantastic work, %PLAYERNAME%!
These are the strongest Pokémon based on CP
Crown Tundra Gloves
I was able to review the data you collected, and I discovered that Porygon is made entirely of programming code!
DPS (effective damage per second) calculations take into account the critical chance of the move.
A tool to calculate the capture chance catching wild Pokemon in Pokémon GO.
Sableye Goggles
Other reports I dug up mention that it was created by a group of scientists using state-of-the-art technology. Can you believe it? A man-made Pokémon!
The Defense base stat governs how much damage the Pokémon can withstand - the Pokémon higher up on the list with higher defense base stats will be able to last longer in battles. The top Pokémon on this list will be the best for defending gyms.
Crown Tundra Helmet
Porygon have made a name for themselves by protecting cyberspace from suspicious activity! For something artificial, they sure do seem caring.
A list of Pokémon with the highest Defense - Pokémon Go
Yamask Top Hat
Maybe I should keep a Porygon around in case Team GO Rocket tries a digital take-over...
This is a list of Pokémon with the greatest defense stat.
Gengar Onesie
Well, in the meantime, I’d like to learn more about Porygon’s evolved form, Porygon2.
Arlo-Style Outfit
I have a hunch that you’ll need to use an Upgrade to evolve Porygon. Let's get back out there and see if we can't find one!
Cliff-Style Outfit
Excellent work, %PLAYERNAME%!
Sierra-Style Outfit
Thanks to your efforts, I’ve realized just how different Porygon2 is from Porygon.
The Stamina base stat relates to how much health the Pokémon has - the Pokémon higher up on the list with higher stamina values will have more HP.
Crown Tundra Uniform
According to my findings, further research and the implementation of artificial intelligence into its code allowed Porygon2 to develop the ability to learn independent of its programming.
A list of Pokémon with the highest Stamina - Pokémon Go
Crown Tundra Boots
The power of science is just astounding, isn’t it?
These are the Pokémon with the most health points
These reports also mention that Porygon2 was upgraded to enable extraterrestrial exploration and planetary development, though it has yet to accomplish much.
November 7, 2020: SoftBank & 7-Eleven Japan
I wonder what this means for Porygon’s final Evolution, Porygon-Z?
Special Weekend
For your next batch of research, I want you to evolve Porygon2 into Porygon-Z using a Sinnoh Stone. Good luck out there, Trainer!
A Pokémon Go data website with calculators, tools, and useful Pokémon information.
November 8, 2020: Matsumoto Kiyoshi
Congrats on evolving your Porygon2 into a Porygon-Z, %PLAYERNAME%!
Special Weekend
I’ve uncovered some notes about this Pokémon that I thought you’d find interesting.
The moves highlighted in green benefit from the <a href=":link">Same Type Attack Bonus</a>, and deal 20% more damage.
November 7, 2020: 7-Eleven México
According to reports, an update was added to Porygon-Z’s programming that was supposed to allow it to move between dimensions. But the upgrade also caused Porygon-Z to become unstable, and it began behaving erratically.
Special Weekend
Because the update caused instability, academics can’t seem to agree on whether Porygon-Z should be considered a true Evolution of Porygon2.
A list of the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go - sorted by maximum CP, attack, defense, and stamina.
November 7, 2020: Verizon
It’s going to take a bit of time to file away all this research, but I’m thrilled we were able to learn more about Porygon and its Evolutions!
Top 10 Pokémon by attack
Special Weekend
Your hard work is always appreciated, %PLAYERNAME%, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m in need of another inquisitive eye!
Top 10 Pokémon ranked by maximum CP
November 8, 2020: Grubhub
Until then, let’s GO!
Top 10 Pokémon by defense
Special Weekend
As a result, their bodies painfully struggle with not knowing how to control this strength.
Top 10 Pokémon by stamina (HP)
Daily bonus Field Research tasks rewarding Beedrill Mega Energy
Astounding work, %PLAYERNAME%!
Pumpkin Pack
However, something tells me Team GO Rocket won’t be going away anytime soon, so we’re in it for the long haul.
Boo Bundle
Keep your eyes open, Trainer.
Creepy Crate
Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! It’s good to see you, though I’m sorry it has to be under such dire circumstances.
Advanced options
If you spin the Photo Disc, you can get an AR mapping task and help collect AR mapping data for this location. You can also scan this PokéStop anytime from the PokéStop’s details screen.
What circumstances, you ask? Well, it appears as if Team GO Rocket is—you guessed it—stirring up more trouble!
Community Day: Charmander
We’ve just received word that they’re doing something strange at PokéStops.
Community Day: Porygon
What exactly they’re doing—and to what end—is what we need to figure out. Let’s get out there and see what we can find!
Failed to create tag.
Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%. It looks like Grunts aren’t involved in whatever new experiments Team GO Rocket is performing.
As you might recall, Grunts use Shadow Pokémon, which are Pokémon that have been trained in unnatural and harmful ways to become incredibly powerful.
3. Set Allow Location Access to While Using the App.
We’ve heard rumors that Arlo was the one who spearheaded the Shadow Pokémon program not long after he parted ways with Candela and Team Valor.
3. Set Allow Location Access to Always.
More recently, Spark discovered that Team GO Rocket may be hatching a plot involving Pokémon Eggs! Is Arlo involved in this, too?
4. Set Precise Location to On.
Let’s investigate more PokéStops and purify some Shadow Pokémon while we’re at it. Something is bound to come up!
Calculator results for
This tag will be removed from Pokémon it has been assigned to. Pokémon will not be transferred to Professor Willow.
Great job saving and purifying those Shadow Pokémon, %PLAYERNAME%!
Are you sure you want to delete the {0} tag?
I noticed you caught a Larvitar. It’s highly unusual to see one in the wild. Maybe it came from one of the Pokémon Eggs that Team GO Rocket has been collecting...
Failed to delete tag.
While you were out battling Grunts, the team leaders and I discovered that Team GO Rocket has been collecting a mysterious kind of Pokémon Egg we’re calling Strange Eggs.
It appears that mostly Poison- or Dark-type Pokémon hatch from these Eggs. Let’s save and hatch as many Strange Eggs as possible before Team GO Rocket is able to grow their ranks!
Failed to edit tag.
The Team GO Rocket Leaders seem to be guarding these Strange Eggs, so let’s start by finding them. Be sure you have space for Eggs and some Incubators at the ready!
Great job defeating those leaders, %PLAYERNAME%! You’ve saved some pretty cute Pokémon in the process, if I do say so myself.
Create tags by tapping +
While you were off fighting Team GO Rocket, Spark and I did some more sleuthing and discovered that Sierra might actually be the brains behind the Strange Eggs!
Enter the stardust cost of a power up
No Tags
It appears there’s more to a Team GO Rocket Leader’s duties than just taking over PokéStops and challenging Trainers to battle.
Enter tag name
First Arlo with Shadow Pokémon, and now Sierra with these Strange Eggs... I wonder what else Team GO Rocket’s got tucked up their sleeves.
Enter the Pokémon's new stats after powering up to narrow down the results:
Fashion Week
This doesn’t sit well with me, %PLAYERNAME%. Let’s track down those leaders again! We have to do all we can to disrupt their plans!
See More
Incredible work, %PLAYERNAME%! Hopefully that’ll keep them at bay for a little while.
An unknown error occurred.
See Less
I managed to craft another Super Rocket Radar for you that’ll help you track down Giovanni. But be careful—according to a field report from Blanche and Candela, he’s got Shadow Mewtwo with him!
Estimated new CP
You might have encountered Shadow Mewtwo the last time Giovanni appeared. We’d thought that was the last we’d see of it, but it looks like it’s back!
You need to save Shadow Mewtwo, Trainer! I have a feeling Giovanni plans on using this poor Pokémon for nefarious ends.
This tool will calculate how strong your evolved Pokémon will be. The CP for the evolved forms is based on the current Pokémon's stats.
Can Mega Evolve
Celebrations are in order, %PLAYERNAME%. You’ve done it again—you’ve defeated Team GO Rocket’s Grunts, its leaders, and even Giovanni!
Enter your Pokémon and its current CP and this tool will estimate how many CPs the evolved Pokémon will have.
Flying Cup
Not to mention all the Shadow Pokémon you saved along the way, including Shadow Mewtwo!
You have powered up the Pokémon and the next power-up requires a higher amount of stardust. **
Increased Attack bonus from friends in raids
This is probably not the last that we’ll see of Giovanni or Team GO Rocket, but that also means there’ll likely be more Strange Eggs to collect and Shadow Pokémon to save! Let’s get cracking, Trainer!
After you power up your Pokémon, if it requires a higher set of stardust for the next power-up, then we can work out its level. This lets us calculate the Pokémon's level and produce more precise information.
A ticket to access the A Tale of Tails Special Research story on October 17, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News. YOU MUST PLAY DURING THE SPECIFIED TIME TO RECEIVE ALL THE SPECIAL EVENT BONUSES.
A Tale of Tails
A Tale of Tails Ticket
A Tale of Tails (1/5)
A Tale of Tails (2/5)
Pokémon IV calculator
Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%. As you know, I do a lot of research. There are just so many Pokémon to learn about and document!
A Tale of Tails (3/5)
Find your strongest Pokémon - this tool will calculate all the possible IVs of your Pokémon. This tool is now working with the game's appraisal system, located under the "Advanced options".
Show old movesets
Recently, I’ve been investigating Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon, to learn more about how this Pokémon senses people’s emotions by using the horns on its head.
A Tale of Tails (4/5)
Enter your Pokémon's CP, HP, and how much stardust a power up costs, and this tool will find all possible IV stats.
Energy generated per second
It’s an amazing ability, don’t you think?
A Tale of Tails (5/5)
You have just caught this Pokémon and not powered it up.
I thought studying this Pokémon’s unique sensing powers could help me identify the strange feeling that’s been stirring inside me these past few weeks.
A Spooky Message Unmasked
When you catch Pokémon, it will never be a half-level. This helps to narrow down the stats and give more precise information.
I’ve realized, though, that this isn’t any ordinary emotion—it’s a type of energy!
A Spooky Message Unmasked (1/4)
This mysterious energy is filling me with hope and determination. I feel like I could take on any challenge and be victorious!
A Spooky Message Unmasked (2/4)
I would appreciate your assistance in collecting more information on this strange and fascinating phenomenon.
A Spooky Message Unmasked (3/4)
Maximum range
Thanks for completing the research we needed to get started, %PLAYERNAME%.
A Spooky Message Unmasked (4/4)
While you were catching Pokémon and visiting PokéStops, I started digging through my research and found references to a phenomenon that seems to have a lot in common with what I’ve been experiencing.
Mega Battle Challenge (1/4)
The reports refer to a Mythical Pokémon that shares the infinite energy it creates with others to guarantee victory.
Mega Battle Challenge (2/4)
The reports also state that this Pokémon is Psychic- and Fire-type. What an amazing combination!
Mega Battle Challenge (3/4)
To get closer to confirming the source of the energy, let’s focus our efforts on catching Pokémon that share those same types.
Mega Battle Challenge (4/4)
Wonderful work, %PLAYERNAME%.
Mega Buddy Challenge (1/4)
Thanks to your efforts researching Psychic- and Fire-type Pokémon, we’re well on our way to confirming the source of this mysterious energy.
Mega Buddy Challenge (2/4)
There’s many a mystery surrounding our path forward, so I’ll keep poring over our research notes. In the meantime, I’d like you to work on becoming better friends with your Pokémon.
Mega Buddy Challenge (3/4)
As a Trainer, strengthening the bond between you and your Pokémon is an important task that requires a specific set of skills.
Mega Buddy Challenge (4/4)
To further develop those skills, why don’t you try spending time with your buddy?
Decoding Porygon
Successful partnerships take work and dedication, and talented Trainers build lifelong friendships with their Pokémon.
Decoding Porygon (1/4)
That being said, be sure to spend time with your buddy every day!
Decoding Porygon (2/4)
You have a wonderful bond with your buddy, Trainer! It’s been a treat watching that friendship bloom. Now, though, it’s time to focus our efforts on the matter at hand!
Decoding Porygon (3/4)
Percentage perfect
After further examination of the research you completed, I’m convinced that the Pokémon we’re looking for is Victini, the Victory Pokémon.
Decoding Porygon (4/4)
Percentage range
Not only would this be consistent with the references to a Psychic- and Fire-type Pokémon, but it would also explain the mysterious surge of energy I’ve been experiencing.
An Inter-egg-sting Development
It’s time for you to befriend Victini. Since this Pokémon represents victory, I think winning a few battles might inspire it to come forward!
An Inter-egg-sting Development (1/6)
possible IV combinations – perfection range of:
I’ve been hearing reports that Team GO Rocket is causing trouble. Battling these troublemakers just might show this Pokémon you’re worthy of attention!
An Inter-egg-sting Development (2/6)
Possible IVs
Let’s see whether some victory will attract the Victory Pokémon!
An Inter-egg-sting Development (3/6)
Probable range
Absolutely astounding, %PLAYERNAME%! I knew you’d be able to display your powerful bonds and battle prowess to impress the Mythical Pokémon Victini.
An Inter-egg-sting Development (4/6)
It shares the infinite energy it creates when its body overflows with power, so I’m absolutely certain now that the energy I was feeling was coming directly from Victini!
An Inter-egg-sting Development (5/6)
Be sure to use this power wisely, %PLAYERNAME%, as you and Victini take on new challenges. But for now, your hard work calls for a celebration!
An Inter-egg-sting Development (6/6)
Why don’t you take a few snapshots with Victini and share your success with fellow Trainers by sending them some Gifts?
Special Weekend (1/4)
Once again, you have helped me uncover a huge discovery. I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication.
Special Weekend (2/4)
The world of Pokémon is filled with endless discoveries, and it isn’t every day we come across a Mythical Pokémon!
Special Weekend (3/4)
I hope that you will take the lessons we learned together through this investigation and apply them to your training.
Special Weekend (4/4)
I’m proud of you, %PLAYERNAME%, and hope you continue to strive to be your very best. Until next time, let’s GO!
Special Weekend (7-Eleven México)
Investigate a Mysterious Energy
Special Weekend (Grubhub)
Investigate a Mysterious Energy (1/6)
Special Weekend (Matsumoto Kiyoshi)
Investigate a Mysterious Energy (2/6)
Special Weekend (SoftBank & 7-Eleven Japan)
Investigate a Mysterious Energy (3/6)
Special Weekend (Verizon)
Investigate a Mysterious Energy (4/6)
Raid Invitation {0} invited you to join a Raid Battle!
Investigate a Mysterious Energy (5/6)
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Investigate a Mysterious Energy (6/6)
Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 60 minutes. Its appearance changes when attracting specific Pokémon.
More Charmander are appearing in the wild
25 Incense. The mysterious fragrance lures wild Pokémon to your location for 60 minutes.
More Porygon are appearing in the wild
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8 Incense. The mysterious fragrance lures wild Pokémon to your location for 60 minutes.
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A ticket to access a Special Research story on October 17, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.
Congratulations! You've successfully redeemed an offer for Special Research.
Too fast. Please re-scan, ensuring you move slowly around the PokéStop.
This ticket will automatically activate on October 17, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. local time.
Too slow. Please re-scan, ensuring you move around the PokéStop.
Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 60 minutes. Its appearance changes when attracting specific Pokémon.
Please re-scan, ensuring adequate lighting while moving slowly around the PokéStop.
Meowth Limited Research
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Ultra Unlock 2020 (1/5)
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Tickets for the A Tale of Tails Special Research story available in the shop
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Tickets for the Decoding Porygon Special Research story available in the shop
3× Mega Evolution duration
Meowth featured in Timed Research
Mega Energy
Scan cancelled
Mega-Evolved Pokémon cannot be assigned to defend Gyms.
Mega Raid Challenge
What does this calculate?
Increased number of Mega Raids
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What is an IV in Pokemon Go?
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Each Pokemon has 3 separate IVs: these are hidden values between 0 and 15 for the Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats. These values determine how powerful a Pokemon will be at its maximum level.
Tri Attack
{0} {1} ago
Not all Pokémon are equal: two max-level Pokémon can have different IVs, resulting in one which will be more powerful then the others. For example, a level 40 <a href=":url">:pokemon</a> can have a CP of between 2,229 and 2,603.
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This means that in the worst case, you could end up with a Lapras which is only 85% as powerful as it could be!
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Niantic Birthday Event
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5 surprise encounters with Charmander in GO Snapshot
5 surprise encounters with Porygon in GO Snapshot
Event-themed surprise encounters in GO Snapshot
2× Poffin duration
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Unique Horn Pokémon
Unique Horn Pokémon
Grudge Pokémon
Its small horn hides a healing power. With a few rubs from this Pokémon's horn, any slight wound you have will be healed.
Little can stand up to its psycho cut. Unleashed from this Pokémon's horn, the move will punch a hole right through a thick metal sheet.
A clay slab with cursed engravings took possession of a Yamask. The slab is said to be absorbing the Yamask's dark power.
A powerful curse was woven into an ancient painting. After absorbing the spirit of a Yamask, the painting began to move.
Couldn’t evolve {0} due to an unknown error.
One or more of the selected Pokémon cannot be transferred.
You cannot transfer a Mega-Evolved Pokémon.
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Top attackers
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Top defenders
Evolve {0} Charmeleon
List of Pokémon by CP
A Tale of Tails
Top defenders movesets
A Spooky Message Unmasked
Top attackers movesets
Decoding Porygon
This is a list of the top Pokémon for defending gyms. Their rankings are calculated by taking in to account both their DPS as a defensive Pokémon, and by their defensive stats (HP multiplied by their Defence stat).
An Inter-egg-sting Development
This is a list of the top movesets for attacking Pokémon. The attack rankings are based upon the maximum DPS from their best moveset.
I was investigating the digging patterns of Diglett, and I wound up heading deep into a cave. Inside, I came across some unusual markings carved heavily into the cavern walls.
Individual Pokémon
Nice to see you again, %PLAYERNAME%! I’m excited to get started on our next big adventure.
All movesets
We’re going to focus our efforts on Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, because I have some leads on a Pokémon I’ve never seen before!
First, we need to get some baseline research to help track this Pokémon.
A few weeks ago, I came across an ancient text that was found in the Hoenn region. It was filled with fascinating information.
Base capture rate
I should make up for the rude awakening with some Berries... Well, we’ve learned something important here, and I think this method could work to awaken even the deepest of sleepers.
Base flee rate
If my calculations are correct, the wish-granting Mythical Pokémon might be ready to awaken soon, and we should be prepared to do the waking!
Good work, %PLAYERNAME%. With the help of your research, I’ve been able to decipher more of this ancient text.
It says that when the Mythical Pokémon awakens, it will grant any wishes written on notes attached to its head.