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Écaille Draco

Écaille Draco Écaille Draco - Evolution Item

Une écaille qui fait évoluer certaines espèces de Pokémon. C’est une écaille épaisse et dure.

Special evolution items like the Écaille Draco first arrived back with the second generation of Pokémon, and are now required when evolving Pokémon such as . When evolving these Pokémon, this item is required in addition to the candy, and is consumed when used.

How to get the Écaille Draco

Écaille Draco

The Écaille Draco is obtained from spinning Pokestops and Gyms. There is a very low drop chance of around 1% per spin to receive a Écaille Draco or any of the other evolution item, and there is an equal chance of obtaining each of the 5 currently available items.

There's no way to ensure that the Écaille Draco will drop, but with only 4 other items, there's a greater than 50% chance that you'll receive one once you've spun over 250 Pokéstops.

The 7th day streak bonus gives you a very high chance of obtaining one of the evolution item, but it's not believed to be guaranteed.

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