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Stahlos (Pokémon GO)

Stahlos Pokemon GO


#208 (Johto)

Pokémon Typ

Vulnerable to…
Kampf deals 160% damage.
Boden deals 160% damage.
Feuer deals 160% damage.
Wasser deals 160% damage.
Resistant to…
Normal deals 63% damage.
Flug deals 63% damage.
Käfer deals 63% damage.
Stahl deals 63% damage.
Psycho deals 63% damage.
Drache deals 63% damage.
Fee deals 63% damage.
Gestein deals 39% damage.
Elektro deals 39% damage.
Gift deals 24% damage.


There are currently a total of 2 Pokémon in the Onix family. Stahlos evolves from Onix which costs 50 Candy.

Onix requires Metallmantel to evolve into Stahlos.

Standard game images

There is a very low chance that you can get a shiny Stahlos, which has the following appearance:


"Stahlos lebt noch tiefer unter der Erde als Onix. Dieses Pokémon gräbt immer in Richtung des Erdkerns. Nachweislich hat dieses Pokémon bereits Tiefen von 1 km erreicht."

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