Valentine's Day event 2017

Valentine's Day event guide - 2017

The Pokémon GO Valentine's Day celebration runs from February 8th - February 15th 2017 bringing:

More pink Pokémon

During the Valentine's Day event, there will be an increased number of pink Pokémon spawning:

Unknown PokémonUnknown Pokémon
Unknown PokémonUnknown Pokémon
Unknown PokémonUnknown Pokémon
Unknown PokémonUnknown Pokémon is a very effective grass attacker vs. the common defender Unknown Pokémon
Unknown PokémonEvolves into Unknown Pokémon which is shaping up to be an extremely good defender once Gen 2 is released.
Unknown PokémonNow's your best chance to collect these two extremely rare Pokémon.
Unknown Pokémon

Longer lures

Lures are now lasting for a total of 6 hours whilst the event is active - expect to see a lot more active lures in cities now!

Increased candy

You'll receive double candy for all actions in-game whilst the event is running:

  • catching a Pokémon will give you 6 candy
  • transferring a Pokémon will give you 2 candy
  • hatching a Pokémon will give you double the usual amount

This means that every Pokémon that you catch, and then trade, will net you a total of 8 candies. This means that with some Pokémon (Unknown Pokémon and others) only requiring 12 candy to evolve, you'll be able to evolve a whole lot of them with very few catches - expecially useful if you're planning to stock them up and then mass-evolve with the Lucky Egg.

Baby hatch rates

You will be more likely to hatch the following Pokémon from eggs whilst the event is running:

This applies to the eggs that you pick up during the event: the Pokémon inside an egg is determined when you collect it from a PokéStop, so you will still have an increased chance of hatching these Pokémon after the event has finished, so long as you collected the egg during the event.

Preparing for Gen 2 Pokémon

If you're looking to get ahead and use this event as a chance to get ready for the release of all Generation 2 Pokémon, you'll want to keep an eye out for: