Easter event 2017

Easter event guide - 2017

The Pokémon GO Easter Eggstravaganza runs from April 13th (1pm PDT) - April 20th 2017 (1pm PDT) bringing:

  • double XP from all sources.
  • a greater variety of Pokémon to be found in 2km eggs.
  • extra candy when hatching Pokémon from all eggs.
  • Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

Double XP

For the duration of the Easter event, you will receive double XP from all sources - this includes catching, hatching, and evolving Pokémon, as well as spinning PokéStops.

This double XP stacks with the Lucky Egg, which can combine to give you 4x the usual XP when playing the game. This means you'll get an egg-celent 2000 XP every single time when evolving a Pokémon with the Lucky Egg active.

Hopefully you've been saving up your Pokémon that only take 12 candy to evolve: Unknown Pokémon, Unknown Pokémon, and Unknown Pokémon!

Greater variety found in 2km eggs

All hatched 2k eggs have an egg-citing chance to contain the following Pokémon:

Increased candy from hatching all eggs

While the Easter event is active, you'll receive egg-stra candy for hatching any of the eggs: 2k, 5k, and 10k eggs.

Along with the double XP, and more varied Pokémon from 2k eggs, now is the perfect time to get walking!

50% off Lucky Eggs

All Lucky Eggs have 50% off their usual price for the duration of the Easter event.

EggsNormal priceEaster price
1 Lucky Egg80 coins40 coins
8 Lucky Egg500 coins (62.5 / egg)250 coins (31.25 / egg)
25 Lucky Egg1250 coins (50 / egg)625 coins (25 / egg)